"I Challenge YOU to GET TOUGH"

Tougher than you've ever been!

Tougher than you were in high school!

Tougher than you were in college!

Tougher than you were before getting married!

Tougher than you were before you got a job!

Come to my Get Tough Fitness Challenge and
Eliminate Every Weak Link in Your Mind-Body.

Strengthen Your Mind. Strengthen Your Body. Strengthen Your Spirit.

The Get Tough Fitness Challenge
May 17-18, 2008*

(Plus a free bonus session on the evening of May 16 - a $500 value)

____ YES! Fure-cat, sign me up right NOW for The Get Tough Fitness Challenge Seminar - to be held in Tampa, Florida, May 16-18, 2008. I cannot wait to come train with you and learn the deeper secrets of mental and physical toughness from all your special guests and teachers, including the Japanese Superman - Sakai Yusai, as well as the legendary Dan Gable, your coach and mentor at the University of Iowa. I realize I'm going to learn things that no other mortal man will ever tell me at this event. With this in mind I'm READY to get rid of all my health and fitness fears, worries and self-doubts and trade them in for a lifetime journey of superior health, strength, flexibility, power and well-being. I'm certain what I'll be learning from you and your guests is not re-hashed, run-of-the-mill mumbo-jumbo - but out-of-this world, here's how you get to the top of the mountain information. I'm ready to make the transition NOW from "I want to be..." to "I'm going to be..." to "I AM."

I understand that the fee for attending this once-in-a-lifetime challenge is $1,999.00 but because I'm enrolling immediately, I can knock $949 off this amount by saying "YES" immediately. I pay only $1069. Or I can also choose three payments of $397 each.


___ I'm in the Matt Furey Inner Circle or the Psycho-Cyb Success Group - deduct $160.00 - dropping the fee to $869.00. Or I can also choose three payments of $327 each.


___ I'm in both the Matt Furey Inner Circle and the Psycho-Cyb Success Group - deduct $160.00 more - knocking the fee down to $669.00. Or I can also choose three payments of $257 each.

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