"No Whining. No Complaining. No Excuses."

Get Super Human Fit

Once you've been through this,
your life will NEVER be the same!


Dear Fitness and Mind Power Enthusiast,

Let me begin this letter by issuing YOU the following challenge:
1. I challenge you to get into better shape than you think you are capable of.

2. I challenge you to rise above any and all problems you're having and make something of yourself.

3. I challenge you to eliminate fear, worry and self-doubt from your mind forever.

4. I challenge you eliminate all your addictions, bad habits and negative attitudes.

5. I challenge you to drop all extra baggage, physical and emotional, from your life.

6. I challenge you to commit yourself to a new exercise and nutrition regimen, and never miss a day, no matter what, for one year.

7. I challenge you to become more than you ever thought you could be, to open a business of your own; to start a new career; to speak in public; to hike the Himalayas, to run a marathon through the mountains; to do 100,000 Hindu squats or 35,000 pushups within a year; to trek a mile in less than five or six minutes; to hold a bridge for 30 minutes; to complete a triathalon; to do 25 one-arm pushups with ease; to tear phone books in half; to lose all extra fat around your belly, butt and thighs; to become a state, national, world or Olympic champion; to become a professional athlete - or any other goal that truly moves you, mind, body and soul.
And just so you know - this CHALLENGE, this PROMISE to yourself, is taken with an "I'll do it no matter what" mindset. This means that anytime you think you CAN'T - you'll ask this simple question, "If someone put a gun to my head right now, and I HAD to do it - or I'd DIE - could I find a way to accomplish the goal?" The answer is obvious. When YOU are fully committed -when you truly give 100% to something, the only way you can fail is to die.

Sadly, most people today don't make commitments to anything. Most people are mentally weak. They're soft and lazy. They are not mentally tough. And because they're not mentally tough, they're not physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually tough.

Things that are no trouble at all are looked upon as catastrophic. Simple things like getting out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm - or falling asleep at night - are difficult for more than half the people in the U.S. alone.

In the work place, no one wants to work. People would rather sit around pissing and moaning and bitching and whining and complaining about anything and everything that comes to mind. And if nothing comes to mind, they turn on the news or read the paper so they have MORE to complain about.

You know, the above may seem NORMAL - but it's not. It's AB-NORMAL. It's sick.

And if you're the type of person who is prone to this sort of thing - or if you're surrounded by it, then the very best thing you can do for yourself is GET TOUGH.

You GET TOUGH mentally. You make a decision to become everything you're capable of becoming. You challenge yourself. You promise yourself that you are not going to settle for mediocrity when the seeds of greatness are within you.

Yes, YOU!

You're not an exception to this message. YOU have the ability, regardless of where you are in life, to do better. To rise above your current station in life.

How do I know this? I know it because I've spent most of my life, more than 30 years, learning what makes human beings successful. And you know what? It ain't physical.

It's mental.

So when I say GET TOUGH - I don't mean flex your muscles as hard as you can when you go through the day. There's a time and place for doing that. What I mean is that you toughen up INTERNALLY - and this internal toughening will give you the physical power to accomplish what you want in life.

Why am I issuing this challenge?

Because I want to see you become the very best YOU that you can be. I know there's a lot more of you inside - wanting to be released. You just need the proper vehicle to help you shift into another gear - to go to the next level of success.

Learn From the Toughest Who've Ever Lived

I'm so committed to seeing you become MORE than you ever thought possible, that I'm having a GET TOUGH FITNESS CHALLENGE this May - a challenge that will change you internally as well as externally. So don't whine to me about not liking physical exercise. Physical exercise is the fastest way to change who you are internally and externally - but only if you're programmed with the right instructions. Success instructions.

To make sure you're programmed for success, I'm bringing in an entire team of Super Human coaches. And along with myself, we're going to make sure you get the message loud, clear and DEEP.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Imagine with me for a moment that you've been given a do-or-die challenge. It's a challenge that only 46 people have ever lived to talk about. The others died.

This challenge is MORE than physical. In fact, it will require every ounce of physical, mental and spiritual power you can muster - and then some. And if you cannot complete the challenge, you agree to take your own life. In fact, each and every day, when you leave your home to begin the next leg of your challenge, you bring a knife and a rope as a reminder to you that you must not give in to negative thoughts; you must not give up; you must not quit. If you do, your life is over.

This challenge may sound far-fetched, but I assure you it is very real to some of the highest achievers ever known. And to prove it to you, this May, I'm bringing Sakai Yusai to the GET TOUGH FITNESS CHALLENGE. He's a man who took this Bushido code pledge - and MEANT it.

The Japanese Superman - Took the Do-It-Or-Die Pledge

Sakai Yusai, aka "The Japanese Superman," is an 81-year old Tendai monk living in Japan, who is only one of 46 monks to have run 1,000 marathons through the terrain of Mt. Hiei, in seven years. That's right, 1,000 marathons through the mountains in seven years!

Not only that, but the last 100 marathons were double-marathons - over 85 kilometres per day in distance. These marathons were run, without fail, in batches of 100. You cannot miss a day. Nor can you seek medical treatment if you fall ill. You cannot complain about the terrain (you run through the mountains of Mt. Hiei in Kyoto) in sandals made from rice. You cannot whine about the snow, the rain, the hail or the cold. Or the wild pigs or poisonous snakes who show up to snap at your heels.

In addition to the above, you can't make excuses about being underfed. You're only given a bit more than1,000 calories per day of sustenance - far less than what you burn off in your daily trek.
Sakai Yusai Sakai Yusai

Making matters even more complicated, after you've run 700 marathons, you're given the task of going nine days without food, water or sleep - as you sit in meditation. If you live through this nine-day fast - you're given a couple weeks to regain your strength, and then you begin the final leg of your journey - 300 more marathons.

AND - as IF that isn't enough, once you've finished your 1,000th marathon, there is no big parade for you. There is no Disney World. Instead, you do another fast. No food, no water and no sleep. This time - you go meditate before the FIRE.

While sitting before the fire you must read the prayers of at least 100,000 people who seek your guidance. Each prayer is written on a stick of wood. You read it, offer a prayer for this person, then place the stick into the fire. This goes on for seven days, with no rest. No food. No water. And no complaining.

Don't Forget: As part of the Bushido code, at any time that you come to believe you cannot accomplish your goal, you must take your own life. Sakai Yusai agreed to this code.

Now let me ask you - is your fitness or life goal really all that difficult, when compared to what Sakai Yusai put himself through? Moreover, what could you accomplish if a knife was staring back at you on every step of your journey?

Not only that, but wouldn't you like to meet the man who accomplished this feat - not once - but TWICE.

That's right. After completing his "Do-it-or-Die" Challenge, Sakai Yusai asked to do it again as he believed he could do better. And indeed, he could. The second time he completed the challenge in six years. He was 61 years old at the time. No spring chicken, as we say in Iowa.

The Man who failed at everything becomes Super Human

I should mention, in Japan, any monk who can complete this challenge is considered a Living Buddha - a saint - an enlightened being. Even so, Sakai Yusai will simply say, "I'm just a man."

I first read about him in the summer of 2005, when I nearly died in a hospital in China. Steve, a friend living in Xi'an, China, gave me a magazine that had Sakai Yusai as a the cover story. It turned out to be the very article I needed in order to recover from my ordeal.

One of the things that struck me wasn't just what Sakai Yusai accomplished, though. It was the fact that prior to accepting the "Do-it-or-Die" challenge, he had failed at virtually everything he EVER did. Not only that, but just to make matters worse, when he was 40, his wife committed suicide.

He had every reason in the world to give up, to think that he'd never amount to anything. Yet, he rose above himself and his circumstances and attained greatness. He got tough. YOU, my friend, can do the same.

But you need help getting launched.

All of us do.

I am continually putting myself in the midst of others who have achieved something great. I strongly advise you to follow my lead.

You will learn so much, not just about fitness, but about life itself when you sit before those who've accomplished the heroic.

In meeting them and listening to them - it forces you to shoot to a new level. Unless, of course, you have no pulse, no guts and no brains.

Meeting Sakai Yusai marked an important turning point in my life. I know when you meet him this May, and feel the energy streaming off him, you'll know why I've brought him in for the Get Tough Fitness Challenge.

You will never forget the experience.

You'll never forget meeting a man so greatly admired worldwide that he shared a private audience with the Pope.

What Sakai Yusai accomplished transcends race, religion or creed. He will not be coming to this event to preach, proselytize or promote a religion. So if you're using this as an excuse, drop it right now.

He's coming as my honored guest because he's the picture-perfect definition of what "GET TOUGH" really means.

I challenge you to GET TOUGH along with him. After doing so your life will never be the same. How could it be?

Dan Gable - Legendary Olympic Wrestling Champion and Coach

In addition to Sakai Yusai, I'm bringing in the legendary Dan Gable, my coach at the University of Iowa - and the toughest wrestler who ever lived. I spent three years with Gable and the lessons I learned from him have positively influenced every area of my life.

There isn't a day that goes by in which I'm not using some of what Dan Gable taught me. And I'm not just talking about fitness or wrestling. I'm talking about LIFE SKILLS. I'm talking about the attributes and qualities of a person that lead to MASTERY.

I'm talking about the Power of Your Imagination. I'm talking about overcoming tragedy, overcoming defeat ... using everything that happens to you in life as a catalyst for growth.

Dan Gable is known throughout the world as "the machine." He ripped through six opponents in the 1972 Olympics in Munich - without surrendering a single point to anyone.
Dan Gable Dan Gable

And he did this on a knee so badly injured he taped his knee himself each day because, "No one knew how it really felt but me." At the time of his injury, recovery from a simple knee surgery took six months. But Gable would rather learn a new way to wrestle - using only one leg, than lose out on his dream.

Gable's "Push to Collapse" mindset.

In his first match in Munich, Gable's eye got cut open. The other teams rushed to the mat hoping he would drop out. Gable had his head wrapped with gauze and continued. He wrestled all remaining matches with seven stitches still holding his wound together.

As heroic as these things are, the even bigger story is how Gable dealt with the loss of his sister, Diane, his closest ally, next to his parents.

At age 15, when Dan was away on a fishing trip with his parents, waiting for his sister to arrive, they received a telephone call. Diane had been raped and murdered in their own home.

This tragedy began to rip what remained of the Gable family apart - until Dan stepped in and saved the day. Every match he won was dedicated to his sister. Every time he won he gave the family something good to focus on. And when Dan was 180-0 throughout high school and college, and all he had to do was win his final collegiate match to go unbeaten - he lost, 13-11.

Afterward, when his parents came to the locker room to console him, he cried, "I let Diane down." Minutes later, the man who had never lost in high school or college, covered his eyes and sobbed uncontrollably as his second-place award was given.

15,000 people gave him an ovation that lasted for several minutes.

A short time after the loss, in a speech Gable said that his loss would make him better, make him more committed. He wasn't kidding. A year later he won the world championships. And a year after that - Olympic Gold.

Last October, Dan Gable spoke at my Internet marketing seminar. He spoke about wrestling, about his family life, about what he values, about imagination, about team work, about his mistakes, and about the attitude it takes to win. He presented, essentially, a philosophy of success that no one in the room had ever heard before.

When Gable finished, he was mobbed for autographs and photos.

At a business seminar!

And when I asked the attendees if they would pay the same fee for the event - $3,500.00 - just to see Gable speak again, everyone said, "YES!!!"

Is it any wonder I have asked Gable to return so soon? And the good news for you is that you'll get to meet Gable and Sakai Yusai for a fraction of what it cost for the business seminar.

More on that later.

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Matt Furey - Secrets of Get Tough Fitness and Weight Loss

Earlier I mentioned my near-death experience in a hospital in China. But you don't know what led to that experience, or the profound impact it had on my life. You have most definitely never heard me whine or complain about what happened because it proved to be a pivotal, breakthrough moment in my life.

It's not important that you have such an experience. But I do think it's important that you learn from everything that happens to you in life - and figure out a way to turn it to your advantage.

And one of the things I've learned from the experience, as well as what I've learned from people like Sakai Yusai, Dan Gable and Pete Lillo - is the great ones are so focused and so committed to what they want out of life, that they'd rather die trying to achieve their aim than not give 100% to making it happen.

Without a doubt you have a number of health and fitness goals - but unless your desire consumes you, body, mind and soul - your chances for success diminish with each passing day.
Matt Furey Matt Furey

In my talks at the Get Tough Fitness Challenge, I'm going to help you get the most out of yourself. I'm going to show you how you can go further than you've ever gone before when you get out of your own way. I'm going to give you the mindset of the super achievers, those who give it everything they have. I'm going to show you that you have more greatness inside of you than you ever dreamed possible.

With the right mindset, you can add many years to your life - and they will be productive years; not years where you waste away. With the right mindset you can blow torch off the extra flab, the pounds that are getting in your way of enjoying life to the full.

With the right mindset you can acquire greater strength, greater endurance and more flexibility and power than ever before.

But you need to know HOW to combine your mind with your muscles in order to get the job done. You've got to learn how you never just exercise physically if you want to get maximum results. You ALWAYS exercise WITH your MIND.

Follow the steps I lay out for you and I guarantee your results will skyrocket. Not only that, but what I'm teaching you can be used to transform ANY AREA of YOUR LIFE! This is not just health and fitness advice. This is KEYS TO THE GREAT LIFE.

If you're like most people, I'm betting longevity is also on your mind. You want to go into your next decade, and the next, and the next, and so on, not just ALIVE - but VIBRANTLY and RADIANTLY ALIVE.

Each year I bring you something MORE to help you in this quest. And this year I have a number of exercises and principles that I've never shown anyone before. Stand back and be amazed as you feel the difference in your energy within minutes.

Ed Baran - Animalistic Gymnastics for Everybody

I've often said that Ed Baran is the very best student of Combat Conditioning I've ever had. Bar none.

When Ed was in his mid-30's he began to learn from the exercises in my books and DVDs. He couldn't even kick into a handstand, much less hold it, much less do a handstand pushup. He couldn't come close to getting his nose on the mat in a bridge. He struggled with Hindu pushups and many other bodyweight exercises.

But... unlike all the whiners, cry babies and losers out there, Ed viewed this as the ultimate challenge. He then risked his very life, as well as his limbs, in his mid-30's, becoming a gymnast.

Within a couple years he was teaching and coaching gymnastics. And now he's the author and star in several best-selling products.
Ed Baran Ed Baran

Last year Ed blitzed the crowd with his Gymnastic Abs routine - something he had never taught before. This year he's upping the ante considerably.

How? By teaching an entire series on Gymnastic Conditioning he has never taught anyone before. His exercises are tough. They will challenge you. You may feel like you're going to die trying to learn them. But that is only a temporary feeling. After you've given these exercise your 100% commitment, your muscles will emerge stronger than ever before.

Ed understands this is a Get Tough event, so he's throwing everything at you that you can handle. You will be blown away. There's no doubt in my mind about it.

If you have any doubt, it will be removed within five minutes of Ed's program. Guaranteed.

Vince Palko - Linebacker Fitness Total Body Blitz

When football fans hear the names Dick Butkus, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert and Mike Singletary - mouths open and jaws drop. We're talking about some of the most feared men ever to step on a football field. Men who played with a Do-It-Or-Die attitude. Men who were always in superb shape. Men who never showed any signs of fatigue.

Such is the life of a middle line backer who plays the game with 100% concentration and intensity.

Vince Palko, a Hall-of-Fame middle line backer in high school and college, who also played pro ball in Europe, is cut from the same mold as Butkus, Taylor, etc. The dude is a fitness and conditioning fanatic. He runs marathons. He does triathalons. He does bodyweight calisthenics, jumps rope, runs hill sprints and other things that would make a billy goat puke. He'd die if he missed a workout because he knows how much it means to him. He knows the value of his training; as well as how much it helps him in his business and personal life.

But five years ago, when Vince was no longer playing ball, he let himself go for a spell. He put on 30 pounds of flab. He quit working out. And he felt like HELL.
Vince Palko Vince Palko

He's never forgotten the pain he felt when he looked in the mirror one morning and felt disgusted with himself. And he's going to show YOU what he did about it. He's going to show you his Linebacker Fitness Total Body Blitz as well as a number of other techniques and methods he uses to keep his mind focused on success and his engine running on full blast.

Whether you've ever played football or not doesn't matter. Just knowing the workout and mind-psyche methods a pro athlete and Hall-of-Famer uses to stay fit long after he quit playing, will astound you and motivate you like never before.

You're going to be blown away with what Vince teaches. Again, if you have a son who plays football and you'd like him to see what Vince has to offer, make sure you let us know.

Pete Lillo - Get Tough for Kids

When Pete Lillo was a young boy, his father taught him how to play baseball. And he taught him the old-fashioned way - not the wimpy way kids are being taught today. Pete's father showed him that success in life boils down to guts and determination and a willingness to practice, practice and practice some more.

In high school Pete dreamed of becoming a big league ball player - and right about the time he was ready, the Vietnam War came and he found himself on a U.S. Navy ship headed for duty in the 6 Day war in the Middle East. Sixty five-straight days of disarming live mines in the middle East. A daily do-it-or die operation.

Pete saw many of his good friends die in the service, as well as his very best friend, George Spak, who served in Vietnam. This changed Pete's perspective on life dramatically. It also reminded him of many of the things his father taught him, including the things told to him when he was seven or eight years old. It taught Pete to GET TOUGH.

Pete once told me, "Whenever I thought I had it rough, I'd just remember the people I once called friends, who were dead. Whatever I was going through was nothing compared to them." When Pete returned to the U.S. he got into insurance sales and quickly became the top producer in his industry. Everyone around him wanted to know his "secret." When Pete told them no one would believe him. The secret had a lot to do with the GET TOUGH philosophy you're going to absorb this May. It carried Pete to an early retirement - age 30.

But shortly after retiring, while sitting poolside, Pete soon realized that retirement was a myth and a bad idea. He jumped back into business and has never looked back. Today, at age 61, you'd need an entire workforce to accomplish what he does in a single day.

If you have children, you'll definitely want to hear Pete's talk because it's all about the LESSONS his father taught him; wisdom that we don't hear much of anymore today.

Personally, I never tire of hearing the great advice passed down from father to son -and I don't think you will, either.

Let me know if you want to bring your son to this event - as this will be a MONUMENTAL EVENT in his young life.

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Fred Nicklaus - No-Excuses Combat Endurance

Anyone who can suffer through a Wisconsin winter, and not leave, is a special breed. Anyone who enjoys working out in the freezing cold is in a class by himself. At 50 years of age, martial arts master Fred Nicklaus, is definitely in a league of his own.

In 2005, Fred underwent total hip replacement surgery. But rather than make an excuse for why he couldn't train anymore, Fred did the opposite. He sucked it up and made a GET TOUGH decision that his new hip was not going to keep him from being in top condition.
Fred Nicklaus Fred Nicklaus

He put together a program that he followed, religiously. Blizzard or Ice Bowl - he was committed. And the result of this program not only changed Fred's life, but the lives of everyone he has taught it to.

This May, Fred is going to show you how he got back in shape after hip surgery, and how he has taken his fitness to the next level - not with excuses - but with an undying commitment to success.

The easiest thing in the world, for most people, is to make up a story as to why they can't do it. Why they can't achieve what they want because of certain aches, pains, surgeries and so on.

But as Fred has proven, so long as you can still breathe, you can still improve. You must, however, have the DESIRE to GET TOUGH.

Better Than Super Sunday

Last but not least, we'll end the event with our annual Combat Conditioning Challenge. In 2007, Algie Roberson, a 50-year police officer, raised the roof when he won the title. No one expected Algie to win but Algie himself. And believe me, he had some very studly competitors, including Pro Wrestler Chad Collyer, Thomas F. Brown and Logan "Ponytail" Christopher.

Algie Roberson
Matt Furey with the 2007 Combat Conditioning Challenge winner Algie Roberson.

Each year the specifics of the contest are NOT given ahead of time to any of the competitors, so no one has any idea what he'll be asked to do - until the moment arrives. And this adds a great deal of suspense to the drama - to the competitors as well as the audience.

Last year there were ten exercises each person had to be able to perform - and whoever succeeded with each of them made the finals. It ended being a race between Brown and Roberson - both of whom have attended every fitness seminar I have ever held - dating back to 2003. Before attending that first event, these two fine men weren't even close to being fit - but they left inspired and committed to giving it their all. Today, both of these men are machines. Even so, they have plenty of rugged competition snapping at their heels.

When the contest finished last year, many in the group, including some of the speakers, said it was more exciting than watching the Big One in professional football. I'd have to agree. The house truly rocked during the entire event - when these Spartans accept the challenge.

If you want to be in the running for the title this year, make sure you make your request known when you enroll in the seminar. And don't make any assumptions about what will or will not be required. All you know beforehand is that it WILL be bodyweight exercises. Which ones and how many? That will remain a secret until C-Day.

What Could You Accomplish With a Get Tough Attitude?

At this point, I don't think I need to use threats and intimidation to help you see how much this seminar can benefit you in EVERY AREA of your life. I don't think I need to put a gun to your head to help you overcome all the lame excuses that you might come up with about WHY you can't make it, can't afford it, and so on.

The fact of the matter is this: If you really, really want to come to this seminar; if you really want to be challenged, if you really want to adopt a Do-It-Or-Die Mindset, then you'll do whatever it takes to come meet Sakai Yusai, Dan Gable, Pete Lillo, Matt Furey, Ed Baran, Vince Palko and Fred Nicklaus, as well as all the other Furey Faithful.

You'll FIND A WAY if you're truly committed. You'll FIND A WAY if you really want to give 100% to LIFE.

You'll FIND A WAY even if you don't know how right now.

I can tell you right now, the energy in the seminar room is going to be incredible. Not just from the speakers. Not just from the other attendees. Not just because of the Combat Conditioning Fitness Challenge Contest.

But because of YOU. Because YOU were there. YOU made a decision that you're no longer going to settle for anything less than your very, very best.

YOU made a decision to GET TOUGH.

And when you make a decision to GET TOUGH - it is absolutely amazing how a whole new world of opportunities present themselves to you, with the wherewithal to make them happen.

I look forward to meeting you in person. I look forward to making eye contact with you, talking to you and shaking your hand.

Get Tough!

Matt Furey signature
Matt Furey

P.S. The fee for this event is set at an incredibly low amount. Much lower than any event I have ever held before. I have done this because I want to give everyone I can the opportunity to come learn from the elite group of individuals I have positioned before you. I have done this because I want to see you return again and again, with more goals achieved in a single year than in all the years leading up to this moment in time. Will you accept the challenge?

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